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Enjoy top-shelf arrangement, recording and music production services for your songs – at accessible rates. Get in touch with our music producers online & get a free, no-obligation quote within hours.


We provide you with …

Song arrangements

When you work with the A Plus Entertainment Group, you get the chance to work with award-winning, in-demand arrangers from New York and North Carolina. With decades of song arrangement experience, they know exactly how to make song arrangements that will be loved by listeners and radio stations alike.

Song recording

Our professional studio recording services meet industry standards for sound treatment, recording equipment, engineering and musicianship. For each project, we hand-pick session musicians and the recording team from our talent pool whose playing style, feel and preferences best match your project needs.

Mixing & mastering

Mixing makes all the difference between demos and broadcast-quality master tracks, so you have to make sure to hire professionals for this process! Our award winning mixing and mastering team has years of experience mixing for artists, guaranteed to bring the best out of your music. Learn more



Sound like a major-label artist:

For all our music production services, we work exclusively with A Plus music producers, arrangers and studio musicians from New York and North Carolina that have a proven track record in creating hits. If you are looking to hire the best music producer online, you are in the right place.

Maximize commercial appeal of your songs

Our online music production services will dramatically increase commercial potential your songs and allow you to successfully market your songs to radio stations, record labels or sell copies through digital platforms.

Stay within working musician’s budget

Getting a top-shelf song production is a dream come true, but it’s also a hefty investment. At A Plus Entertainment Group, we’ve developed a business model that cuts corners, middlemen and unnecessary costs in order to provide you with music production rates fitted for working musician’s budget.

Beat 1

Modern Trap Track, radio ready

Beat 2

 90's influenced Trap/HipHop groove 

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